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I spent part of my morning before work on the living room floor, two pair of pantyhose in hand trying to stretch and fit them over shaped wire hangers.

Why, you ask? I was making fairy wings.

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop is participating in one of the local Halloween parades, and they’ve chosen the Rainbow Fairies as the theme. The troop leader had the girls (and us moms and one dad) fashion fairy wings out of four wire hangers at last week’s meeting. The effort actually covers requirements for one of the girls’ badges.

It really wasn’t that difficult to do. Take each hanger and shape it into a wing (really, it looks much more like a flower petal). Take the hook parts of the hanger, straighten them out and wire them together so you have two “petals” on top and two on the bottom. A piece of foam wrapped around wired part helps not only to hold the wings together, but has a soft spot at the middle of the girl’s back.

I got everything wired together at last week’s meeting. It was a matter of getting tights or pantyhose to pull tightly over each wing for this evening’s meeting. We are to bring the wings so the girls can decorate them with glitter and other things “fairy.”

Oh, and don’t forget the straps to slip the wings through the girl’s arms. Voila! You’ve got fairy wings!

That said, who are the Rainbow Fairies? I had never heard of them until Amber began bringing home books from the series that are available in her elementary school library.

In short, the Rainbow Fairies are authored under the pseudonym Daisy Meadows. According to the website, “Daisy” is actually the pen name for the five authors: Narinder Dhami, Sue Bentley, Linda Chapman, Marilyn Kaye and Sue Mongredien.

There are seven kinds of rainbow fairies: Petal, Fun Day, Pet Keeper, Rainbow, Weather, Jewel and Special. There are seven fairies per category except for the Special Fairies, of which there are only five. Each fairy has her own story, so that’s a lot of books to read!

In the stories, the fairies are helped through their adventures by two girls from the “Human World,” Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate. These adventures usually take them to Fairyland, which is ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania. They often encounter Jack Frost and his Goblins who are always causing some kind of trouble, Bertram the frog (the king’s footman) and Doodle the weather vane rooster who is in charge of Fairyland’s weather. More information can be found at the Rainbow Fairies’ very detailed website,

The Rainbow Fairies idea thrilled Amber, who is going to dress as none other than Amber the Orange Fairy (from the Rainbow Fairies category). She declared it without hesitation.

The costume won’t be hard to complete. I have an orange shirt that worn with a belt could look like a dress that the fairy wears. I’ll have to add a yellow star to the middle of the belt, which won’t be too difficult with some crafty items. I like this kind of stuff. I’m up to the challenge!