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News flash: The Associated Press reported in today’s news that a study by the Pew Research Center found that 4 out of 10 moms are the top earners in American households.

Surprising? Not really. With the way things are in today’s society — the cost of living, mainly — many families require both parents to work or, as the article indicates, significantly more households have single mothers heading them. Along with that trend, the center noted that woman are more likely than men to hold bachelor’s degrees and comprise 47 percent of the workforce.

Lots of pros and cons on this one — from a “you go, girl” attitude to “oh my gosh, more moms are working!” reaction. Well, there is certainly nothing wrong with moms having careers as they raise their families. Sometimes it can get crazy as tending to things at the office spills over to keeping house, making meals, paying bills, kids’ activities and, of course, finding a few moments of solace to hear yourself think and breathe.

Thoughts on moms’ status of being top earners?