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Another year over, a new one ready to begin.

Does anyone besides me think that 2013 flew by rather quickly? I seems like yesterday that my knee-hi cheerleaders and I were sweating it out at preseason practice in the July heat!

Nevetheless, Christmas arrived last Wednesday to the delight of my children and countless others everywhere, and to the relief that they appeared happy and grateful for the loot Santa left under the Christmas tree. Now comes the fun part: De-cluttering, fitting the new stuff into the house and deciding what to sell, consign, throw out or give away.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s time once again to take stock of the year’s triumphs and tragedies, personal accomplishments and failures, gains and losses and blessings that graced and affected our lives and the world. As another year approaches, we all tend to look to start anew, resolve to improve our lives and the lives of our families — especially for those with children. In my case, I always hope for the best, fear the worst and pray the latter doesn’t happen.

If you plan to celebrate to welcome 2014, do so safely. Happy New Year to all, and thank you once again for reading Mommy Mentions. If you have any questions, topic ideas or issues that are all-things family, kids, parenting and more that you would like to see discussed in this blog, please feel free to share them through the comment feeds.

Best wishes!