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I had some help this morning packing lunches for school and work.

My daughter got lunch meat from the refrigerator, cold lunch packs from the freezer and sandwich bags from the corner cupboard. As I finished putting items in my lunch pack, Amber told me not to look. She wanted to add something to it.

I opened my lunch pack a little after 2 p.m. and found two extra things.

On a small piece of pink note paper emblazoned with a headphone-wearing piggy and the words “Only real rockstars wear pink,” Amber wrote, “Love u mom. See u soon. Love Amber” and drew two hearts. I also found a small candy cane between the bags of grape tomatoes and sliced strawberries I had packed.

Judging from her picking up the pad of paper this morning, I figured that Amber was going to put a note in my lunch bag. The candy cane, however, was an added bonus and a sweet surprise to brighten my afternoon as I completed tasks at hand.

I’ve occasionally put notes in Amber’s lunch box. My mom used to do the same thing for me and my sisters during our school days. She continued it when I lived at home after college, slipping words of encouragement in my packed lunch before I’d head off to work.

I put that little pink note at the base of my computer monitor. Like I’ve done with countless notes and artwork completed by my daughter and son,  I put today’s date on it. It’s neat to look back and see their writing, art and thoughts at the particular times they did them. I don’t want to forget the little things that truly do mean a lot.