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I mentioned in my Monday, Aug. 27, 2012, blog that my daughter, Amber, reached the nifty age of 9 last week.

At a family gathering in celebration over the weekend, my dad — Amber’s “Pa-Pa” — noted that this is the last time she will be an age with a single number. After that, it’s all double digits and no looking back!

He’s right. I never thought about it that way. I had looked at Amber’s anticipated 10th birthday as just reaching the first decade of her life. It’s now less than a year away, and she’s already planning her party, that she would like to celebrate with some friends. The past three years, we held a party with family complete with cake and ice cream (pizza too!) while we let her choose what she wanted to do/where she wanted to go as a gift. This year, it was American Girl Place in New York City, delightful trip that makes us want to visit the Big Apple more frequently — hopefully again next year!

Until she hits that first double-digit birthday, I’ll savor the single digit age. It’ll pass quickly, I’m sure.