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My weekend was supposed to start Friday, but work had other ideas. Friday is usually a day off, but with the Business Review in full force, two regular pages that I am responsible for completing got pushed to the side.

My daughter was off Friday due to an in-service day, so she accompanied me to the office while my son spent time in day care. I ended up bringing Jacob to work for about an hour after day care had closed so I could finish up, and then it was off to shop for his birthday party.

Jacob's third birthday cake featuring Thomas the Tank Engine, center, and friends Salty, left, and Percy.

Shopping was a treat, especially with a tired toddler on my hands! He got to the point where cups went flying across the aisle at Wal-Mart. Nothing like a public meltdown, but fortunately they don’t happen that often!

Jacob’s party went well on Saturday. It was attended by family and close friends and featured a Thomas the Thank Engine theme. The cake, made by a friend of Jacob’s godparents, was fabulous. It featured Thomas and his friends, Percy and Salty. It was almost too cute to cut.

During the party Amber received a call from one of her dance classmates about a possible playdate for later in the day. The girl’s mom and I get along well, and we had just as good a time as the girls and Jacob did. But boy, does time fly! The kiddos and I arrived home a little after 10 p.m., and I was glad to see that Jacob had fallen asleep on the way home. Amber was quite tired, too. Both were promptly in bed. It was a long day and they played hard.

No rest for mommy, however. There was food and other things to put away and the kitchen to clean. I did my chores in between watching a biography about Whitney Houston and segments of her memorial service that was held Saturday afternoon.

Eventually I heard crying upstairs and found Amber with an upset stomach. The result was fetching a clean comforter from the linen closet and hauling the soiled one to the basement to wash.

It was a lazy Sunday morning for the kiddos and I. Amber still wasn’t feeling well, so we ended up staying home from church and a dance class.

Eventually it was time to pack them up to head to my parents for an overnight and to get myself to work. Amber was still tired, and well, so was I, but no rest for the weary. There’s work to be done!

I’m hoping for a good night’s rest and a fresh start to a new week. And so it goes …