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She tried out for the middle school show choir and made it.

Cue my happiness, pride and surprise when my daughter told me, “Guess who made show choir?” She just smiled and said she was happy.

Amber can dance. I have heard her sing, but I wasn’t sure how strong her pipes can carry a tune. Apparently, they are strong enough to become a member of the choir that consists of about 20 students that sing, dance and eventually compete. More than 60 auditioned, participating in two rounds of auditions before the final list was announced.

When she decided to audition, I told Amber to do her best. I offered the same advice that I give her with each dance performance: Stand tall, smile, know it and nail it. I also advised her to be positive. The message rings true for everything she does, from schoolwork to other activities.

Of course, Amber remained humble about her achievement. She also lamented that two friends who auditioned didn’t make the final cut. On the bright side, we noted that there is always next year. With a new year comes auditions again for all, previous members included. Just because a student participates in show choir one year does not guarantee a seat for the duration of middle school.

Congratulations to the new show choir members. May it be a year of fun in the spotlight. Break a leg! 🙂