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Call it the never-ending battle of the post-baby body — the pressure for a new mom to get her pre-preggo body back sooner rather than later after giving birth.

For one woman, a photo she claims she took of herself just four days after birth — the infamous “selfie” — has drawn backlash and bashing as well as “you go, girl!” praise online, just weeks after California mom Maria Kang drew ire for posing with a washboard stomach and her three young sons under the words “What’s Your Excuse?” (See my blog titled “Don’t hate her because she’s built” from Oct. 30, 2013).

According to an article and photo on, Caroline Berg Eriksen, a fitness blogger and wife of a Norwegian soccer player, stood before a mirror just four days after giving birth in a bra and underwear. She shared the photo on Instagram, on which she has 245,000 followers, and captioned it, “I feel so empty … 4 days after giving birth.”

Well, let’s just say … wow. This woman has no stretch marks, even a trace of ab muscle trickling down her left side. What’s her secret? One expert said in the article that Eriksen is “obviously … genetically gifted,” but that while a picture says a thousand words, the selfie doesn’t give information about her health, her pregnancy or even her happiness.


OK, moms, dads, grandparents and others: What is your take on this post-baby selfie and the pressure to shed baby weight?

I know mine. Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is different. I’ve mentioned before that the weight came off easily for me the first time around. It didn’t the second time around, but I slacked off a bit. Now I’m working on a healthier lifestyle between food and exercise. I feel better, and the results are coming slow but sure.

Really, every mom needs to work at her own pace. Really, baby steps here. Baby steps!