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When babysitting options fail, and failure is not an option, take the kiddos with you.

That’s what one college student, a single mother, had to do Monday evening at DeVry University in south Nashville.

According to published online reports, Amanda Osbon’s son, Xzavier, is 2 years old. Well, parents of toddlers know that most little ones sit still for a time. After that time elapses, anything can happen — a nap, a meltdown, a walk away from it all.

Happen it did. Xzavier got up and walked toward the professor, Joel Bunkowske. He stood in front of the man and held his arms up, and Bunkowske scooped the little boy into his arms and continued teaching without hesitation.

Overcome with emotion, Osbon snapped a photo of her prof holding her son and shared it online. The photo has since gone viral.

According to one report from ABC News-2 in Nashville, Tennessee, picking up little Xzavier was a natural thing. The man said he understands Osbon’s plight as she works toward a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice specializing in digital forensics.

This mom has much to be proud of. According to, she is an Army veteran working toward her degree with a 4.0 grade-point average. She is doing what she has to do to improve her life and better provide for her son.

The understanding and compassion shown to Osbon by Bunkowske should not go unnoticed. It should stand as a sign to educators and employers of nontraditional students and employees. Yes, they work. Yes, the study and strive to work toward bettering their lives, but more exists to that work ethic than meets the eye: their families and their children.

Child care is available, but sometimes plans falls through or it becomes unaffordable. Relatives are another option, but family members have lives and commitments, too. When that happens, parents have two options: skip work or school, or work to make things right and do what needs to be done. In the case of this mom going to school, she went to class and got a little unexpected help and understanding.

Well done.