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Every child has that favorite blanket, toy or clothing item that becomes like a second skin to them.

There’s my 2 1/2-year-old who loves his blanket (the receiving type, and thankfully it doesn’t matter what design or color it is. He’ll take it), his Elmo doll (or “Elbow,” as he calls it) and, on occasion, his pacifier (again, whichever one works. He’s not particular).

And then there are his puppy pajamas, a two-piece fleece set that is red in color and dotted with Damatians, fire trucks and ladders. Never mind the trucks and ladders, though. It’s the puppies that put these pajamas in the spotlight.

When said pajamas are worn to bed, it’s a struggle to get them off of his little body in the morning — or even the afternoon, as I discovered one lazy “pajama day” at the house and described in a Sept. 1 blog (“Terrible 2.5s!”). This morning was no exception.

Once his denim shortyalls and red polo shirt were on, Jacob still lamented his puppy pajamas. While he held onto his blanket and Elmo, he also carried the pajamas with him downstairs where I continued to get my daughter ready to make the school bus.

Eventually, “Sesame Street” caught his attention, as well as a plethora of beverages, including a Capri Sun pouch, apple juice bottle, sippie cup full of iced tea and a milk bottle. He took turns drinking from them, organizing them in a cluster on his little kitchen counter. Before I left for work, I even checked in the little kitchen refrigerator, just in case one made its way there. There’s nothing like finding a milk-filled container in a play fridge sans the cold to keep it from creating a new life form.

By the time I drove Jacob to daycare, the memory of his puppy pajamas being put aside for later was erased from his little memory. I’m sure he’ll eagerly embrace them later when it’s time for bed. Until then, thank you for reading, and have a good day!