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What a wet few days we have had! Saturday’s
weather, followed closely by Tuesday’s rainy spell, was enough to put a
damper on anyone’s day.

While most kiddos headed out to school as raindrops fell Tuesday,
Saturday was a different story. What’s to do when you’re stuck in the
house on a rainy day?

It turns out that there are plenty of things to do. Just use your
imagination and, if you’re stuck for ideas and have a computer with
Internet access handy, log on and look for things to do.

In writing this blog I did a search on Google with the words "rainy
day activities," and wow! There were 750,000 results! Needless to say I
didn’t have the time to peruse all of them, but some Web sites caught
my eye and I took a look at the lists of things to do.

The top Web site on the search is called "The Rainy Day Resource
Page." It features three sections of things to do: on the computer, off
the computer and recipes for kids. The Web site features
a list of rainy day ideas, from puzzles and coloring books to building
forts and watching television together.

Another called "Rainy Day Playhouse" features games and things to do
online. One of the things I found fun was Potato Head. Much like the
toy Mr. Potato Head, it enables a person to "dress up" a potato. For
something different, you can also dress up a lemon, pepper or onion.
Just click away!

As the rain poured down on Saturday, I sat home with Amber and
played games, watched television and in between got some piles of
magazines and junk mail sorted. I also managed to get a little bit of
laundry and cleaning accomplished.

I enjoy scrapbooking, and hope the next time the weather isn’t
cooperating that I could find some time to sit down and compile those
memories that sit in boxes and bins.

What do you do on rainy days? Feel free to share your thoughts and
ideas. Who knows? You just might inspire another mom out there to try
it the next time Mother Nature decides to shower on us!