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We've begun to "Book It!" in our household, and we're not complaining about it.

In fact, we're rolling with it — and another new activity.

Amber brought home an information sheet last week about the Pizza Hut-affiliated program "Book It!," which encourages youngsters to read a certain number of books and receive a voucher for a free personal pan pizza in return. The teacher indicates how many books the child should read/have read to her per month; in Amber's case, it's six. The parent helps the child list the books and authors, then has to indicate which book she liked the most. The parent and child also have to sign the form.

I read to Amber every night before bedtime, and she's starting to learn how to read. She brings home small books that contain two words, at the most, per page (e.g., "a book, the train"). Needless to say, she had her six books for October read within a week, so we signed the form and returned it to school. Amber came home with her pizza voucher, and said that her teacher noted that Amber was the first student in the class to return the form.

Not only is she learning to read, Amber is also enjoying writing. Some days she asks me how to spell something, and I'll ask her to sound out the letters to determine how to spell a word. One day she told me, "Mommy, stop challenging me!" To which I replied, "No, I won't, because that's how you learn." I think she got the message, because now when she asks, I say the word, enunciating the letters, and she begins to spell it out as she writes it.

So now, per the title of this blog, we're tackling roller skating. Amber went skating for the first time Oct. 17. She was real skaky at first, holding tightly to my hands as we went around the rink. After practicing a few times by herself off to the side, she was on her own and not even reaching for my hand — another sign that's she's spreading her wings and growing up.

While Amber fell a few times, she'd gleefully get back up and keep going. She had met up with a classmate who also was getting his bearings, so the two helped each other out.

It's been a while since I've roller skated, but I did pretty well. I remember heading to the area's roller rinks as a Girl Scout and with friends — the Roller Roost II (where Amber and I went last weekend), Skate-R-Way in Shamokin (I don't think it's open anymore), the Skateway in Frackville (it's now a plumbing outlet) and, my first rink experience, The Pyramid in Girardville (which has been closed for years). My sisters and I also used to head up the back road behind our house on Germanville Road and roller skate, or when it was raining or too hot, we'd wheel around the basement.

I think I'll be skating again soon. Amber keeps talking about going back to the rink to skate again.

As I said, we'll roll with it. And by the way, do any of you have roller rink memories? Feel free to share them. I know Knoebels had a rink years ago, but I never had the chance to skate there. There was also one in Ranshaw, outside Shamokin. I think it was called Kane's.

Keep on rolling!