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Barron Trump remains under the media microscope.

Why? The website reported that he pulled away from holding his mother, Melania’s, hand as they walked in the inaugural parade.

The youngest first son was also caught yawning as his father, President Donald Trump, took the oath of office. Previously, he apparently yawned during his father’s acceptance speech on Election Night, according to published online reports.

Really, Barron’s actions aren’t unusual for a boy of 10. Most moms cherish her child holding her hand as they walk through the store, along the sidewalk or from the school building to the car. As the child hits that tween age, it might stop or grow more infrequent. It hurts, yes, but the child is probably trying to establish some independence as if to say, “It’s OK, mom. I’ve got this.”

At the moment, my son still holds my hand. My young teen daughter pretty much prefers no to. I miss it, but cherish the times that she did.

Concerning the inauguration and acceptance speech yawns, the schedule probably proved hectic and exciting at the former, while it was rather late when the results came in at the latter.

Think back to 1994 when Rudolph Giuliani took the oath of office as mayor of New York City. His son, Andrew, then 7, recited part of the oath with his dad. His own right hand raised, he also gave a short salute as people applauded.

Andrew’s antics continued as Giuliani delivered his inaugural address. He yawned, waved, blew kisses and even chimed in a few times as dad spoke. According to an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks later, Andrew even toppled a pitcher of water during the speech, spilling it down his father’s leg.

Remember the swearings-in at the U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 3, 2017? The 17-year-old son of Kansas Republican Roger Marshall did the “dab” as a formal portrait was taken (see “A time, place for ‘dabbing,’ but not at dad’s swearing in” from Jan 5, 2017). The popular dance move and pose puzzled House Speaker Paul Ryan and most likely miffed the boy’s father, as he subsequently tweeted, “… He’s grounded.”

Children of celebrity parents end up in the spotlight at times. With that comes scrutiny for the littlest things — especially behavior. In some cases, the criticism is petty, while other times one questions how or why a child acts the way he does and the parent seems to do nothing about it. Whatever actions occur or don’t occur, they become food for thought days later and in years to come or just plain forgotten.