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Here she comes, ready or not.

Judging from the empty bread and water racks in area supermarkets, and at one gas station, out-of-order pumps, I’d say most people are saying, “Bring it on.”

Most news reports are saying that Hurricane Sandy, Superstorm Sandy — whatever you want to call her; regardless, she’s nasty! — won’t hit landfall on the Jersey Shore until this evening. Looking at photos posted on the Internet, it looks like she already has. Streets are flooded and portions of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City are reportedly washed away. So the worst is yet to come. …

In Schuylkill County, schools were closed today (Monday, Oct. 29, 2012). Some businesses have also begun to shutter for the evening. The warnings to be prepared, stock up on supplies and hunker down ran rampant over the weekend — so much so that it caused a bit of a stir for my daughter, who even mapped out her own plan for our family should the house lose power (basically, we stick together in a certain area of the house and, if we need to leave, she knows what she will take with her).

I believe I prepared for this storm as best I could. We have fresh water, lots of packaged drinks, nonperishable food items, a fairly full propane tank for the gas grill, matches, plenty of candles, a few flashlights and light-up gadgets from Fourth of July events, circuses, etc. and blankets to keep warm. Oh yes, and I use a manual can opener, so I need not worry if we lose power!

There is no school again in my daughter’s district Tuesday, so it means another day of child care for her and her brother. She rejoiced about no school today, and my son smiled when he learned his sister would accompany him for the day. Today’s cancellation also meant no dance classes or cheerleading practice this evening, so the evening seems a little open.

I plan to head home, hunker down and get some never-ending cleaning done. The kids each picked a pumpkin Sunday afternoon at the store, so we might do some carving, picking out the pulp and sorting the seeds for roasting.

If you’re in Sandy’s path, please stay safe and keep little ones close. Stay off the roads if at all possible, let emergency officials do their jobs and adhere to their instructions and warnings. Let’s hope that Sandy’s wrath weakens as she creeps inland, and the sun shines again sooner rather than later.