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She’s polite yet spunky, a down-home Southern girl who shimmies and struts across the ballroom floor with ease, surprising the judges, audience and viewers on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, the spunky wonder is Sadie Robertson, a daughter of “Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson. Only 17, she pairs nicely with pro dancer Mark Ballas.

On Monday’s episode, Sadie performed the samba with a dedication to her family. Her dad and uncles Jase, Jep and Si joined Ballas, who sported camouflage and a Robertson beard, on a makeshift porch on the dance floor. The crew sounded their duck calls, and Ballas stands up, walks off the porch and spots a feathered creature — Sadie. He joins her, and they break into dance with ease, grace and smiles, all the while focusing on the routine at hand.

In preparation for the dance, “DWTS” cameras show Sadie as she speaks about her faith, her family and the fame that came to the Robertsons when A&E’s reality series “Duck Dynasty” rose to great heights.

As for the fame, she noted a downside. People watch for stars to “mess up,” she said, and referred to opinions her grandfather, Phil Robertson, expressed in a magazine article that upset some people. The controversy prompted the family to reconsider doing the show, but they persevered, united even more as a family and continue the show.

“People are gonna say things no matter what,” Sadie said during the interview. “If you’re holding the football, you’re gonna get tackled.”

Still, she said, the family stuck by Phil, because “family sticks together.”

A rather realistic observation made by a teenager who seems wise beyond her years. Korie and Willie are certainly doing something right. They are raising a daughter who remains level-headed despite the hype, respectful of her family and true to her faith. She hasn’t forgotten who she is and where she came from, as some young stars do.

What parent wouldn’t be proud to have a daughter like that?

Keep up the good work on the dance floor, Sadie. Win or lose, have fun in this venture in your life. I know many are having fun watching you blossom into a talented dancer!