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Growing up, I always heeded my parents’ advice about never getting into a car with a stranger.

As a parent, I pass this advice along to my own children. As a parent, I can only hope that they take this advice seriously.

When one thinks of a stranger, one might think of someone sinister-looking driving a shady van or vehicle. However, would you think of a young, hip guy driving a flashy car as a bad stranger?

Entertainer Joey Salads, who’s known for broadcasting social experiments and pranks on YouTube and podcasts, put the stranger in a flashy car situation to the test. In a one-minute, 37-second clip, he got children in two instances to come for a ride with him in a yellow Mustang similar to a car seen in “The Transformers” movie. In another instance, two children ran when he called out to them. They did the right thing.

In the two situations where the kids got into the car with Salads, the parents were watching from the front windows of their homes. Both sets of parents couldn’t believe what they saw.

As they drive away, Salads asks the kids where their parents are. Eventually, he lets the kids know that they are lucky that he brings them back. Next time, they might not be so lucky.

As a parent, you hope that you teach your children the things that they need to know to keep them safe. You hope that they wouldn’t fall for something like this. It’s scary. It really is.

Parents, go on YouTube and look for this video. There is also a longer version of it. Watch it, even watch it with your children. Present scenarios like this to them and ask them, “What would you do?” It might scare them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.