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Are you dug out yet? Better yet, are you lovin’ it or hatin’ it?

Schuylkill County got slammed Tuesday night into Wednesday with snow. Schools were closed, and a lot of work places weren’t open for business, either.

Being a news outlet, my place of employment was open. My husband’s was, too (he’s retail). So with both parents at work, there was the day care factor to address.

Thankfully, the child care I rely on for my infant son is a day care home, so it never closes. The day care provider welcomed Jacob, as well as Amber, with open arms that snowy Wednesday morning. My kiddos were her only charges that day.

My husband got out of work early, so he was able to bring Jacob and Amber home before dark. I ended up staying at work until 6 p.m. and took 40 minutes to get home. I had to park and block and a half away from my house because I couldn’t get down the alley behind my house to park in the garage. The side streets were either filled with cars or not accessible.

Today is another snow day for schools, which means another day of day care for Amber and her brother. Again, it looked like they were the only two at day care, but they were okay with that.

What are your snowstorm stories? Are you and the kiddos enjoying some sledding and snowman building, or are you huddling inside with some hot chocolate, movies and games? Share your snow day stories, and hope for better weather soon!