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We attended two Halloween parades this week, and with a bucket of candy slowly filling up in the house, little fingers (and faces) are also getting sticky!

After rushing to attend my daughter’s religious instruction classes — only to find out that they were canceled this week — we traveled back to Pottsville to sit and watch (and catch thrown candy) the annual parade there.

The parade was a little shorter than I had anticipated, but Amber and Jacob weren’t short on candy! They put their goodies in a shiny trick-or-treat bag that Amber conveniently received at school earlier that day.

On Wednesday evening, Amber marched with her Brownie Girl Scout troop in our hometown’s annual Halloween parade. This one was a rather large parade, and usually is. The local high school band performs, and area Boy and Girl Scout troops, youth sports associations and local organizations don theme costumes and march or ride along the route. Amber’s dance school invites its dancers to dress as zombies and dance its version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” I believe this year was the second time for that, and unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to see it because I’m toward the back of the lineup with the Girl Scouts! One of these years …

Amber’s troop, per previous blogs, sported the Rainbow Fairies theme. Amber dressed as Amber the Orange Fairy, and she and her Brownie friends wore the wings they made as well as other accessories, which for her included a star barrette and belt (just like Amber the fairy’s) and an orange shirt. I walked along with our group along with the troop leaders and other mothers, pushing Jacob in his stroller.

I handed out candy to kiddos along the route. I only had 200 pieces, so I tried to give to any youngster who had a bag open so I could drop it in easily. It worked.

Amber and her friends got some candy after they marched. We headed home and dumped the candy into one plastic pumpkin for leisurely picking.

It’s been leisurely alright. Jacob loves the small Tootsie rolls and similar fruit-flavored rolls. He happily chews them once I tear off the paper. Somehow his face and hands always end up stained and sticky, and he doesn’t like it. I end up wiping hands and face with a wet cloth, and then he’s happy again — happy to partake in another piece of candy, of course!

The kids have a few Halloween activities to attend this weekend, and then there trick-or-treat in town on Monday. More candy — hopefully chocolate, our favorite (OK, one of MY favorites!).

Hope you all are having a safe, and sticky-free, Halloween season!