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“Remember when we used to be
Everything they ever need
We had them believing we were cool.”

The above words are from the refrain of country singer Martina McBride’s latest release “Teenage Daughters.” Apparently she can relate, being a mother of three daughters, two of whom are of adolescent age (17 and 13).

Well, I’m not there yet. In my daughter’s eyes (ha, another Martina song title!), I’m still cool. Well, at least that’s what she tells me.

She asked me this morning if I got her note that she left for me last evening on top of the fireplace. Truthfully, I didn’t even think to look. I arrived home from work and crashed from fatigue and a cold that sneaked up on me about two days ago.

She handed me an envelope. It read, “from Amber to mom … Don’t open till tomorrow … love you xo” (this was exactly how she printed it, sans ellipses).

Inside, the looseleaf paper contained a picture that she had drawn of herself at the bottom surrounded by stars and hearts on each side. At the top of the page she drew a dog with wings and a halo (I presume this is our late dog, Buddy, whom she misses dearly). Next to the dog she wrote, “from Amber … I love you mom xoxo.” Beneath her picture were the words “I missed you yesterday.”

I smiled and thanked her for thinking of me while I was at work. I told her that I would take it to the office and hang it in my cubicle — yet another piece of artwork hanging in my “gallery” and another reminder of my beautiful daughter and her admiration for me.

I always hope that the bond we now have lasts through those tough teenage years, because I’ve heard stories where moms and daughters grow apart and mom’s not so “cool” anymore. Amber tells me that she’ll never stop thinking I’m cool. Hmm, I guess we’ll wait and see. If not, then the next lines of Martina’s refrain will ring true:

“It’s like it happened overnight
We’re always wrong, they’re always right
We used to be the ones breakin’ the rules
Now we’re just mothers, and we’re just fathers of teenage daughters.”