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astroAuthor: Lily Koppel

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (June 3, 2014)

Hardcover: 320 pages (also available as paperback and e-book)

Genre: History/Biography

About the Book:

As America’s Mercury Seven astronauts were launched on death-defying missions, television cameras focused on the brave smiles of their young wives. Overnight, these women were transformed from military spouses into American royalty. They had tea with Jackie Kennedy, appeared on the cover of Life magazine, and quickly grew into fashion icons.

Annie Glenn, with her picture-perfect marriage, was the envy of the other wives; JFK made it clear that platinum-blonde Rene Carpenter was his favorite; and licensed pilot Trudy Cooper arrived with a secret that needed to stay hidden from NASA. Together with the other wives they formed the Astronaut Wives Club, providing one another with support and friendship, coffee and cocktails.

As their celebrity rose-and as divorce and tragedy began to touch their lives-the wives continued to rally together, forming bonds that would withstand the test of time, and they have stayed friends for over half a century. THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB tells the story of the women who stood beside some of the biggest heroes in American history.

More About the Book:

The Astronaut Wives Club was written by Lily Koppel, bestselling author of The Red Leather Diary, and was briefly an ABC TV drama. Check out the book’s website for information about the wives, missions and more.

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