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So what will they say?

Blogs and entertainment reporters are abuzz about today's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" episode. According to the TLC channel's Web site, "Changes are happening at the Gosselin home. Not only are the kids getting new play houses, but bigger changes are happening in their lives. After much discussion, Jon & Kate are ready to make an announcement about the future."

While it's anyone's guess what Jon and Kate will say, many believe they will be announcing a separation. It wouldn't be a surprise considering all of the turmoil that has surrounded their lives over the past two months — alleged affairs, separate vacations, separate conversations on the set and separate appearances.

Is the writing on the wall? Perhaps it is, but then there's always the hopeful side of things for those wishful thinkers out there.

How about these suggestions? 

1. Jon and Kate will announce that they are cancelling the rest of the season in order to work on their marriage and bond with their family. That's doubtful, however. Reports say that the Gosselins have a contract for 40 episodes this season, so they have 35 more to go.

2. The Gosselins will declare that they are actually going to work, and not have the show as their main source of income. Kate will return to her nursing career while Jon will go back to school while working and raising his family.

3. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC's "18 Kids and Counting" could guest star and show Jon and Kate how to handle marriage and family. Hey, it couldn't hurt. The Arkansas couple have 18 children, a granddaughter on the way and 25 years of marriage between them. And with visits from Emeril Lagasse and the boys from Orange County Choppers, why not add the Duggars to the list of reality stars appearing on "Jon and Kate"?

What do you think Jon and Kate will say? What are your suggestions for this family under the intense media spotlight?