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My little boy took another step in his upbringing Monday evening.

With the anticipation of Santa bringing Jacob a new pillow and a set of toddler bed sheets for Christmas, his daddy and I got busy Monday afternoon disassembling his crib and transforming it into a toddler bed. Jacob hasn’t slept in the crib for some time. He wouldn’t, and resorted to a small futon instead.

He was so excited. He even stayed in the bedroom and helped his dad — as much as he could. I ended up heading to the living room to continue cleanup for Christmas. Lucky me, I have a few days off, but am continuing to blog as thoughts cross my mind, and I do enjoy it!

When the bed was all put together, I found a fitted mattress sheet and his thick, warm afghan and put it on the bed. Jacob was trilled. He was even more thrilled to show his big sister when she came home from school.

When bedtime came, Amber headed to her bunk bed and Jacob to the toddler bed. Both snuggled in and were asleep within minutes. When it came time to wake Amber up for school, I called to her, then peeked around the corner at Jacob. He was sleeping — but not on his bed. He apparently rolled off and was curled up with his blanket on the floor near the bed! I suppose a bed rail is in order.

Jacob’s third birthday is a little more than two months away. Amber was about his age when she got her “big girl bed.” She, too, loved the transition. I can only hope Jacob will continue to love it, too.