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She did it, and rather well.

My daughter decided to try and put a French braid in her own head. Not an easy thing to do, mind you. It takes practice, but once “mastered” it’s an easy fix and looks nice.

The "freshman" French braid. Not bad. Not bad at all 🙂

Amber did this the other day during her school day. She arrived home with her hair pulled back in the braid and told me of her accomplishment. Needless to say, mom was impressed.

She decided to try it again Wednesday after school. This time, I snapped a photo and showed her the finished product. She was surprised. I was proud.

Sure, she needs to probably tighten it up at the top and the left lower braid drooped a little lower than the right side, but it’s a start for a tween.

I shared my own French braid story with her several times. I first tried it while watching the morning news one early day as a high school junior. Sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, I reached up and started separating hair at the top of my head and took it from there. Checking the bathroom mirror with a small handheld mirror, it looked OK and I wore it to school that day.

The braids got better as the weeks went by and became a common and convenient hairstyle. It took awhile, however, until I could French braid other people’s hair. Now, it’s a cinch.

I’m sure it’ll be a cinch for my little girl soon, too.