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When it comes to today’s youth, some say media tends to focus more on the bad that than good.

Then there are those feel-good stories that surface and give humanity a sense of renewal and hope, and those little things in your daily doings that remind you that you, too, must be making a difference.

Let me start with the latter. I’ve learned in the past month that chivalry isn’t dead — and I’ve learned it from my 3-year-old son.

He insists on opening the of my minivan for me. If I end up opening it before he does, he’s a little offended.

I slide open the back door for him, and he grabs the handle to shut it from the inside. It’s a heavy door, and it seems a little stiffer these days with the colder temperatures. So I help him shut it from the outside. Quick as he shuts the door, he hops to the front seat and pulls the handle for my door. I thank him kindly, and he smiles and says, “You’re welcome!”

As for the good in today’s youth, a story on Yahoo! caught my eye this morning via ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Community High School in Tennessee held a homecoming during basketball season, with three boys nominated for the title of king. The three boys, while honored that they received nominations, had other plans.

According to the article, nominees Jesse Cooper, Drew Gibbs and Zeke Grissom decided that whoever won, he would turn the title over to Scotty Maloney, a junior student afflicted with Williams Syndrome, which inhibits learning and speech.

In the end, Cooper won. When his name was announced, the school principal told the crowd what the three boys decided to do. Needless to say, Scotty seemed elated and received a “long” standing ovation as he received his “king” medal. Much emotion filled the gymnasium, according to the article.

Scotty’s teacher, Liz Hestle Gassaway, said that the boy knows everyone, and that “to know him and meet him is to love him.”

What a beautiful gesture, not only from the three king nominees but from all those present at the basketball game. More than likely most present hailed from the school. Hopefully the actions of these young men will carry over into their adult lives. Our world can certainly benefit from people like this!