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These boots were made for walking. And running. And frolicking. And playing.

My son dressed up as Woody from Disney’s “Toy Story” nearly two years ago for Halloween. I found a pair of brown “Toy Story” cowboy boots at Kohl’s to complete the outfit. The boots even featured the name of Woody’s owner, Andy, on the bottom of the right boot — just like Woody’s did in the Pixar animated film.

The boots were just a hair big on Jacob that year, but they worked for the costume. It was adorable!

Nearly two years later, those boots have paid for themselves. Jacob wears them with pants and shorts, in the cold of winter and the heat of summer. In fact, at the 2013 Ashland Boys Association (ABA) parade and historical marker dedication, the boots made an appearance with a shorty outfit (Jacob’s choosing) despite the humidity that hung in the air. Those boots were prominently featured in photographs with The Fightin’ Phils’ mascot, Screwball, and 2013 Miss Pennsylvania Annie Rosellini.

The zipper on the right boot went on the fritz last November. I contacted one of the few shoemakers remaining in Schuylkill County to see if the zipper could be repaired. The kind elder gentleman called and told me that he could fix it, but he wondered if I really wanted to bother with the expense because the boots aren’t leather. I assured the man that the boots are well-worn, well-loved and they would continue to be for at least another year or so. I told him to proceed.

It only cost $20 to put a new zipper on the right boot. Judging from the big smile on my son’s face as he retrieved the boots from the pick-up shelf at the shoe repair shop — as well as they many times they have been worn since the repair was made — it was a worthwhile investment.

The kiddos and I ventured to Knoebels Amusement Resort the week before school started. Slightly humid that day, we all wore shorts and tops. My daughter and I donned flip-flops, and Jacob chose none other than his Woody boots. He ran to hug Knoebels’ mascot, Kozmo, and turned to pose for a photo that of course showed it shorts ensemble with his coveted boots.

The boots got rather dusty from the park’s dusty and gravel-y ground, but a damp cloth cleaned them up for the next outing and outfit.