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What child doesn’t look forward to the little toy that comes with their “Happy Meal”?

As a parent, I don’t mind them. However, I don’t look forward to cleaning up all of the said toys that tend to get cast aside in the weeks to follow.

How about trying to ban these toys from kids’ meals? A supervisor in Santa Clara, Calif., would like to do just that.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Ken Yeager had planned to propose to his colleagues Tuesday a law regulating when fast-food establishments could offer the toys with their children’s meals in the county’s boundaries. The man alleges, according to the publication, “the toys entice young customers to load up on high-calorie fare and may contribute to childhood obesity.”

On the other hand, Dan Conway, a California Restaurant Association spokesman, said that “taking the toys hostage” won’t keep children from becoming overweight, according to the publication.

Interesting proposal, isn’t it? I tend to agree, however, with restaurant association spokesman, that keeping toys away from the meals won’t keep kids from gaining too much weight. Eating too much fast food too often could contribute to obesity in children, however.

Here’s the chance to say that parents should see to it that their kids do eat an overall healthy diet and get the physical activity that they need to maintain healthy weight levels. It’s getting nice outside, so now’s the time to get out walking, biking, in-line skating and even a pick-up game of baseball.

What do you think about the proposal? Feel free to share your thoughts and observations.