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You think those nights are over, but you’re wrong.

New parents know them all too well. You fall into bed, ready for a good night’s sleep after an exhausting day caring for your infant, only to be aroused by the painful cries of your newborn who is wet, hungry or in need of a good cuddle.

Then there’re the nights when baby is just plain sick.

My son, Jacob, slept through many a night as an infant. In fact, if I didn’t have to wake him up every three hours to feed him when he first came home, he would have slept all night.

Right now, he’s battling a double ear and upper respiratory infection. He started ear drops and an antibiotic once we got home Tuesday evening after a doctor’s appointment. It took him a bit to go to sleep, but once he did, he was content, snuggled in his crib in a blanket and nuzzling his security blanket
(I have a Linus on my hands! This little boy loves his blankie!).

I think it was about 2 a.m. when he first started crying. It turned out that he wasn’t just stirring in his sleep. It persisted.

I got out of bed, went to his room and found him awake. I brought him to my room and gave him a small bottle of milk. He took a couple of swigs, popped it out of his mouth and sat up and cried loudly. He started to cough, and the congestion brought most of what he just drank back up.

Just what I need being half asleep and sick myself with strep throat.

The crying persisted in spurts for about a half-hour that I can remember. I eventually dozed off, as did Jacob.

It was tough getting up to start my day today. Jacob, on the other hand, was still sleeping peacefully when I left for work this morning. I hope that he’s feeling better today and he greets me this afternoon with his toothy smile and his little “HI!” greeting that he is starting to say more and more these days.

As for me, I’ll sit and sip my tea and hope relief comes to my sore throat soon. The antibiotic hasn’t kicked in yet. …