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Take a look down. Those fuzzy suede, leather or sequin boots often seen at the end of leggings or skinny jeans appear.

They come in nearly every color. Some sport buttons or ribbons on the side or up the back.

But wait. One must ensure that the boots are, indeed, the popular Australian-based Ugg brand. Unfortunately, counterfeits and knockoffs abound worldwide, as they do with any top-notch name brands.

While it seems Uggs abound on many a foot, particularly tweens’ and teens’ feet, the question I pose is, how in the world do people afford these boots when they cost $100-plus per pair?

Thanks to a Christmas club, my daughter became the proud owner of a pair of “Bailey Bow” Uggs, everglade in color. They arrived early as a gift from mommy, and no hesitation existed for wearing them. She takes good care of them, too, ever careful not to stain them or get them wet. The other thing that my daughter realizes is that these top-ticket items should be taken care of, because mom or dad can’t just go out and buy them at the drop of a dime, so to speak.

If you own a pair of Uggs in light of this frigid weather, no doubt your feet will thank you for wearing them. The sheepskin lining looks and feels toasty. My daughter tells me they keep her feet warm, and she encourages me to get a pair, too.

It would be nice, but other things to tend to first. We’ll see.