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Online articles pertaining to a disturbance at a Harrisburg-area Chuck E. Cheese caught my eye this week.

According to the posted articles, five women and a female juvenile were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after they allegedly became involved in a fight inside the kid-friendly restaurant on Saturday evening. The fight spilled into the parking lot. Someone even shot a 22-second video of the footage that made its way to YouTube. 

It's sad that something like this had to happen at a place where, as the restaurant boasts, "a kid can be a kid." What were these adult women thinking? In my opinion, either learn how to act properly when you go out, or don't go out to such places and expose youngsters who are there to have a good time with their families and friends to such situations. Furthermore, someone, mainly a child, could have gotten hurt in this situation.

I don't think I've ever encountered a situation like that at a kid-friendly establishment or event over my past five years as a mom. There were at least two instances, however, when my husband and I were at restaurants with our daughter and nearby customers got rather loud with vulgar language. Each time, my husband got up, approached the people and asked them to either please stop with the vulgarity or tone it down because there were children in the vicinity (other than ours). In the one situation, the man apologized; in the other, those involved — they were teenagers — got up and moved to another table.

Nobody's perfect, I realize that. But adults should be a little more attentive to their actions when they're around children and should be held accountable for them. Don't you think?