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Happy summer!

The season officially begins at 6:34 p.m. today (June 20, 2016). It’s a day that we look forward to as the cold of winter slugs along. It’s a day that seems like it will never arrive.

Oh, but summer. Glorious summer! Time to enjoy “the things that summer brings,” as the Dr. Seuss book “Summer” written by  Alice Low and illustrated by Roy McKie indicates.

According to a description from, a boy, a girl and their dog enjoy the season’s many marvels — the little things, really — swimming, fishing, gardening, watching fireworks, chasing butterflies and roasting marshmallows. The youngsters and pooch also catch fireflies and catch a hayride ride home at the end of the book as night falls.

My children have this book, and we read it often. I read it specifically last year during winter’s Arctic blast. Wishful thinking, right?

What other things do you love that summer brings? I know my family definitely loves eating ice cream on a hot day, going to the beach, picnicking, grilling, going to amusement parks, enjoying block parties, lighting sparklers on the Fourth of July and, a new thing: Camping!

Over the weekend, we decided to try camping for beginners. We pitched the tent in the backyard. In April, I found a great deal on an L.L. Bean tent, used once. My son and I set it up Saturday afternoon. It successfully stayed up and we slept in it Saturday night after enjoying a fire pit and our usual roasting of hot dogs and marshmallows. We’ll probably do a few more campouts in the yard before taking it on the road this summer. Practice makes perfect with this tent and camping thing — especially for someone who never camped during her upbringing!

Happy summer to one and all. Get out and enjoy all the things that summer brings!