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Where is the summer going? It’s already the eve of July 4, 2013.

While it’s a time for fireworks, food and fun, don’t forget to thank your lucky stars that you live in the good ol’ USA, and thanks to our founding fathers our liberties came to light 237 years ago on the Fourth of July. Celebrate safely, too, if you’re planning to set off your own rockets red glare!

That said, the day I posted my latest blog — June 25, 2013 — I snacked on a fortune cookie with my morning cup of coffee. The fortunes usually prove interesting, and  some might make you go “hmm” as you read them.

The fortune in the cookie I ate stated, “The coming month shall bring winds of change in your life.”

Well, it certainly made me go “hmm,” and wonder where those winds might blow. Of course, I hope for a positive direction and plan to work toward it. Really, who wouldn’t?

After reading about the “winds of change,” the song “Wind of Change” by German heavy metal band, Scorpions, crept into my head. It appeared on the band’s 1990 album, “Crazy World,” and looked at the fall of Socialist-run governments in eastern European nations. Look up the music video on YouTube. One of my favorite scenes in it is the Berlin Wall tumbling as throngs cheer.

Thinking on the refrain, “Take me to the magic of the moment, on a glory night, where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change …where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me,” I think of the “children” referenced. That song is nearly 25 years old, and I wonder about the “children” of that time and how things have changed since. Were their hopes and dreams fulfilled? Has the world, to them, become a better place? Did the “wind” change their world for the better?

The world is an interesting place filled with good and bad people, places and things. Some might say things are better today than a generation ago, while others might think there is still much to be done. Nevertheless, life goes on, changes occur and the “winds” continue to blow for better or worse. It’s up to us to make it better for ourselves and the generations to come.