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Jacob clapped his hands for the first time this week.

It’s one of those moments in a baby book that a parent could write down when it happened. I can officially say I was there to see the first time he did it.

We were sitting on the floor Tuesday morning when he just happened to put his little hands together, spaced them apart and then put them back together. He looked at me and smiled.

“Clap hands!” I said, clapping my own. “Yeah!!”

He smiled and did it again. Too cute.

We did this a few times back and forth. I grabbed the camera that is always in arm’s reach and started snapping some photos. I then picked up my cell phone to text my husband about the milestone. I called my mom to let her know.

It was a great to see one of my little guy’s first milestones in action. It’s one I’ll cherish in thought and photos — whenever I get them developed (Yes, I still use a 35mm on occasion!).

If the wintry weather predicted to head our way becomes a reality this weekend, be careful driving. If you’re stuck at home with the kids as the white stuff accumulates, head outside with them for a sleigh ride or snowball fight or even to build a snowman or two or a snow fort.

Have a good weekend, and thank you for reading!