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Camp Pocono Ridge, which operates in the winter out of Monroe Twp., Jamesburg, N.J., will open a new location on Dimock Road, Dimock, this summer. The camp, a member of the American Camp Association, operates four consecutive two-week sessions for boys and girls ages 8-16.

Camp Pocono Ridge, according to director Shellie Santay, began with her grandparents in 1958. Her parents later took over and last year she took over as director of the camp.

Santay estimated that the camp serves around 100 children from around the world each summer. International students make up about 10 percent of the camp population. The camp also recruits international counselors along with local counselors. “That mix is a great education for kids,” said Santay.

The camp purchased 42 acres on Dimock Road recently complete with a theater that used to host classical music performances. Renovations are underway on the theater as well as the camp ground, and Santay invited local theater and music groups to use the space over the summer anytime outside of the eight weeks it will be in use by Camp Pocono Ridge.

Activities at Camp Pocono Ridge are broken down into three categories: sports, arts and adventure. Sports include archery, flag football, swimming and more. Adventure comprises canoe trips, trapeze work and a ropes course. Santay said the ropes course is currently being built in Dimock.

Santay said she looked at nearly eight different locations in Pennsylvania before settling in Dimock. “I liked the feel of this one,” she said. “I love the land and spirit of the area.”

The neighbors have been extremely welcoming. “Everyone has been so interested,” Santay said. “Coming from a New York City suburb, it’s really overwhelming.”

The camp will open on June 24. Registrations are being accepted now. To register, call either office at 732-521-4796 or 278-9523 or visit