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The Tunkhannock Junior ‘C’ and ‘D’ teams had their hands full Sunday, Oct. 27, against the West Scranton Falcons at the home of the Monroe Saints for the NAJFL Super Bowl.

The ‘C’ team lost 14-13, and the ‘D’ team lost 20-13.

In the ‘D’ game, the Falcons had the ball first, and the first tackle of the game was made by #84 Josh Falzone.  They were moving down the field but not without enduring some key tackles from #3 Demetrius Douglas, #78 Brody Gregory, and Douglas.  Their efforts, however, were not able to keep West Scranton from scoring a touchdown. The defense was determined to not let them get the extra point with great blocking from the above players plus #15 Paige Marabell, #46 Seth DeRemer, #6 Bradly Oechler, and #8 Clay Gregory to get an “extra point no good” call.

The Junior Tigers started moving down the field with a 35-yard gain by DeRemer. The offensive line fought but ended giving the ball back to the Falcons. Then came an amazing defensive play with DeRemer hitting from the bottom and Douglas flying over him to make the tackle.  The Falcons decided to change things up with a pass play which was intercepted by Douglas. The momentum was high and on the next play DeRemer ran sixty yards for the first Tunkhannock touchdown with help from #49 Josh Butler who made a key tackle to keep the way clear.  On the next Junior Tigers possession the offense moved down the field allowing Marabell to cross the goal line after a 20 yard run resulting in another Tunkhannock touchdown.  Douglas put the ball in for the extra point.

Let us not forget the Junior Tiger players who gave and received some bumps and bruises as well,  #7 Justin Stone, #14 Daniel Driscole, #17 Brayden Needham, #20 Evan Davis, #22 Justin Plotkin, #31 Jamison Mood, #33 Logan Slater, #41 Eric Falzone, #48 Daniel Browning, and #85 Wyatt Poma.  The touchdowns were back and forth but in the end West Scranton won, 20-13.

The Junior Tigers ‘C’ team was ready to take the field and showed that by bursting out of the banner and onto the field. The  West Scranton Falcons kicked the ball off to start the game.  #43 Owen Woods fell onto the ball to start off the Junior Tigers first possession. #13 Matt Prebola started things off with a couple runs up the middle resulting in about twenty some yards.  #10 Ben Chilson added another ten yards, and #86 Jakob Baltrusaitis ran for 49 yards to score the first touchdown of the game.  Baltrusaitis then scored the extra point.  On defense key tackles were being made by #23 JC Zona, #4 Stephen Burd, and #32 Nick Marabell.  Prebola and Chilson added key blocks of their own.  The collaboration of the defense including #45 Colin Madan, #9 Hunter Gregory, and #21 Mason Roccograndi caused the Falcons to fumble.

West Scranton recovered its fumble and was able to turn into their first touchdown and extra point. The Junior Tigers ended up giving the ball up on downs, but the defense held tough to stop the Falcons from scoring again.

Tunkhannock took the ball over with 1:45 remaining in the first half. There was a lot of determination and fight by all the boys on the field, but the end result was a 7-7 score going into halftime. West Scranton started it off with drives and runs until they scored their second touchdown and extra point.  The Junior Tigers answered back by making their second touchdown of the afternoon made by Prebola.  Chilson, Baltrusaitis, and Prebola made significant yardage, and key blocks made by Burd, #36 Garrett Yuhas, Woods, and #99 Seth Bullock.  This extra point was no good.

The ball was kicked off by the Junior Tigers which was then fumbled and recovered by Yuhas. Tunkhannock was moving down the field but ended up turning it over on downs.  West Scranton was unable to hold onto the ball again resulting in Marabell recovering the fumble.  The Junior Tigers were unable to capitalize once more.  The Falcons then burned time off the clock and taking a knee ended the game.

The score went to West Side, 14-13. The fight and determination of the Junior Tigers ‘C’ team was amazing.  They never gave up.

All of the Junior Tigers teams, ‘B,’ ‘C,’ and ‘D,’ can be summed up this year with the saying from various people, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”