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Tpr. Howard Piatt of the Pennsylvania State Police, Tunkhannock barracks, investigated a call at around 9:20 a.m.

He said that the individual jumped from atop the historic railroad bridge that is also known as the Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct.

It is 240-to-300 feet high, and Wyoming County coroner Tom Kukuchka confirmed that he had ruled the death as a suicide.

He said that the death was the first suicide from the Nicholson Bridge in the 32 years he has been coroner.

Len McNabb, supervisor of the Wyoming County Division of Community Counseling Services in Tunkhannock, said he had been up on the bridge several times with despondent individuals since 1978 and felt fortunate that none prior to last week had succeeded in taking their lives from that location.

He said that he was familiar with the fact that a fence had been placed as a suicide barrier at the 163-foot high Northeast Extension Turnpike Bridge in Chinchilla but doubted that the Nicholson Bridge would become a substitute venue for individuals to stage a suicide.

Calls for a barrier on the turnpike bridge accelerated last year after 22 suicides were documented over a 20-year period.