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Timothy Dunnells could face a maximum possible sentence of 12 years in state prison, Wyoming County President Judge Brendan Vanston said.

On May 20, Tunkhannock Township Police Officer Robert Reimiller responded to a private residence on Roosevelt Highway in Tunkhannock Township to follow up on a domestic dispute that occurred earlier, Assistant District Attorney Gerald Idec said.

Upon arrival, the officer encountered Dunnells who was standing on the residence’s front steps and holding an ax.

“The defendant was not permitted to be at the residence,” Mr. Idec said.

The criminal complaint states that Reimiller ordered Dunnells to put down the ax.

Dunnells complied with the officer’s order. However, Dunnell reached for the ax when Reimiller ordered him to put his hands on his head.

Reimiller then deployed an expandable baton.

Dunnells picked up the ax and walked toward the officer, who quickly took several steps back and fell to the ground, according to the criminal complaint.

Reimiller got up and drew his firearm.

Walking toward Reimiller, Dunnells said, “Go ahead and shoot me,” according to the criminal complaint.

At this point, Stephen Dunnells stepped out of the residence and placed Timothy Dunnells in a bear hug.

Timothy Dunnells resisted when Reimiller attempted to place Timothy in cuffs.

Reimiller sprayed Dunnells in the face with pepper spray, according to the criminal complaint.

Dunnells is being held at the Wyoming County Correctional Facility in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Also on Friday, Mark Bezek, 25, of Scanton, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver.

Idec said police found Bezek in possession of 55.1 grams of marijuana between April 26, 2007, and June 15, 2007, at Ray’s Market in Factoryville.

Bezek was also in possession of 81.19 grams of marijuana while at a residence in Nicholson Township on March 14, according Idec.

Justin Magee, 23, of New Albany, pleaded guilty to fleeing to elude police, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while under suspension.

Judge Vanston said Magee faces a possible maximum sentence of two years in prison for fleeing to elude police and up to six months in jail for driving under the influence.

Idec said Magee led Tunkhannock Borough Police Officer Dustin Cokely on a motor vehicle pursuit on May 3 through parts of the county, including Route 6 and Dark Hollow Road.

He added Magee was driving a motorcycle that reached 70 mph.

Magee is being held at the Bradford County Correctional Facility in lieu of $5,000 bail on a probation violation.

Kenny Gassaway, 20, of Montrose, pleaded guilty on Friday to disorderly conduct for waving a toy gun outside of a motor vehicle that was traveling on Route 6 on April 23.

Ann St. Clair, who was a crossing guard on Route 6, thought the toy gun was real and was pointed at her, according to police.

Judge Vanston said Gassaway faces a maximum possible sentence of one year in prison.

Twila Scott, 44, of Harveys Lake, pleaded guilty to retail theft on Friday; Jamie Wildrick, 28, of Tunkhannock, driving under the influence of alcohol; Jesse Martin, 25, of Hunlock Creek, driving under the influence of a controlled substance; Christopher Canfield, 30, of Montrose, driving under the influence of alcohol; Stephanie Walker, 30, of Mehoopany, theft by unlawful taking; Zeth Griffin, 18, of Nicholson, criminal mischief.