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Barnes and the two mayors were among the many who gathered at a fundraiser for Nicholette “Chicky” Peoples, of Factoryville.

Chicky, a junior at Lackawanna Trail, was a server at Cosgrove’s when her car hydroplaned as she drove to work. She suffered a spinal cord injury in the ensuing accident.

Stephanie Peoples, Chicky’s sister, a chef at the restaurant, and its owner, Peter Cosgrove, organized the event for Chicky, who was the subject of $10 T-shirts designed by Margo Cosgrove. The shirts featured artwork of a yellow chick.

Music was provided by Malcolm & Lewis, Matt & Frank and Jack Foley & Paul Moran. Auction items were plentiful and a great show behind the bar by the dynamic Nibs and Chris duo provided a laugh a minute.

Among those on hand to visit with and help Chicky out were: Joe Bolus, Kenny McDowell, Joe Tomko, Mike Washo, Bob Kearns, Tom Hallinan, J.P. McGowan and family, Joe and Barb O’Brien and family, Frankie Domal, Gene Cosgrove, Jodi and Kerry Maloney, Jack and Susan Conway, Brian Walsh, Joe Demarco, Janice Cordier, Myer Moskovitz, Laurie Cadden Foley and Sean Cadden Foley, Ann and Sheila Zeleniak, Billy Genovese, Billy Curmaci, Dom Curmaci, Pete Cosgrove, Kate and Pat Sweeney and Tim Sweeney.

Donations can also be made by sending a check to Brian Peoples, 2049 N. Overbrook Road, Factoryville, PA 18419.
–Times-Shamrock staff