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Wyoming County’s Recorder of Wills and Register of Deeds, Dennis Montross, shows the new real estate records that are now available to people online. STAFF PHOTO/PATRICK LEONARD


Wyoming County Press Examiner 

Dennis Montross, the Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds for Wyoming County, has announced that many of the records from his office are now available online.

The office’s website of records was first made available to the public in the beginning of June. Montross said that the website makes it much more convenient for people who need to check the office’s records.

“Our office is open from 8:30 to 4 but now people can go on the website 24/7,” Montross said recently from his office in the courthouse.  “Most of the records are out there and now they are much more available to people.”

All index information is available to people at no cost. There is a charge of 50 cents for each page printed plus a $1.00 convenience charge for each transaction. These transactions are made via credit card and will show up on a credit card statement as “PropertyInfo,” not Wyoming County Recorder of Deeds.

“It is a fairly easy system to use,” Montross noted. “We are getting good feedback about it; people are using it. People can access it from their homes. It is also beneficial to a lot of attorneys and gas companies. With gas prices what they are, records can be accessed without having to travel to our office.”

Montross stated that his office did not do much promoting for their new online capabilities, but rather sent letters out to banks and bar associations, informing them of the new technological capabilities.

To access the website, people can go to or go to

Montross said that the main reason behind putting the records online was simply to make it more available to people.

“We need to keep current with the technology that is available,” Montross pointed out, noting that such technology has changed exponentially since he began working at his position in 1984. “We feel very comfortable with the security of the records.”

People without an account can go to the office’s website, listed above, and click ‘Login as Guest.’ After clicking on the ‘Accept’ button, people should click ‘Search Public Records.’ At that point, type the name and the municipality of the person being searched.

The type of documents available on the website include those for Deed, Mortgage, Act 319, affidavits, official bonds, court orders, lease agreements, financing statements, sewage permits, and writ of assistance.

At this time there is no capability on the website to access a person’s will but, according to Montross, the office is planning to make that available at some point in the future.

Montross said that while he has heard from people that the website is being used frequently, he has not noticed a change in the amount of people that come into the register’s office. He believes that mainly attorneys and other professionals access the website for their clients while many people from the public still come into the Register’s office.

“People are still coming in and that’s great, “Montross noted. “My favorite part of this job is the interaction I have with people.”

For technical support, or if people have any questions, they may call the register’s office at 888-608-1808, or send an e-mail to