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Wyoming County Press Examiner

An independent research organization has collected and published the salaries of all school employees in Pennsylvania.

The Commonwealth Foundation, based in Harrisburg, has listed all of the salaries on its website, According to a release by the foundation, its purpose is to make information more readily available.

The information on the website is from the 2008-2009 school year, so some of the personnel listed are no longer with their respective school districts.

According to the website, the highest paid educator in the area is Tunkhannock Area School District Superintendent Michael Healey at $104,411.

Patricia Sample, who was the Tunkhannock Area assistant superintendent at the time the information was compiled, was next at $97,915.

At Elk Lake, high school principal Ken Cuomo was the top paid at $96,915, followed by elementary principal Charles Pirone and middle school principal Brian Mallery. Superintendent William Bush is the fourth-highest paid administrator in the district.

Lackawanna Trail’s list is topped by superintendent Matthew Rakauskas at $93,500, with business manager David Homish second and special education supervisor Joann Radicchi third.

Following are the top salaries in each of the school districts:

Tunkhannock Area

1. Michael Healey, superintendent, $104,411.

2. Patricia Sample, assistant superintendent, $97,915.

3. Patrick Mulhern, elementary principal, $81,555.

4. Joseph Kormis, director of management information systems, $81,055.

5. Gregory Ellsworth, secondary principal, $80,000

6. Ann Way, elementary principal, $79,380

7. Cheryl Ferris, special education supervisor, $73,800

8-50. 43 people at $70,701: elementary teachers Evelyn Baltrusaitis, Frances Brogan, Carol Gaylord, Susan Gibbons, Helen Grimaud, Karen Jackson, Betsy Jayne, Mary Johnson, Lynne LaFrance, Elizabeth Morgan, Dianna Mowry, Eileen Mulhern, Judith Nieman, Kyra Nightingale, John Schneider, Debra Snyder, Robert Zampetti; guidance counselors Donna Coslett, Kelly Landon, Gertrude Morrissey-Pryor, Mary Clare Thomas; school nurse Cecelia McCann, librarians Ann Caterson, Patty Holdredge; secondary teachers Nancy Daniels, Louis Deleo, Debra Donowski, Mary Fetch, Lawrence Hahn, Richard Holdredge, Joann Jones, Paul Niedzwiecki, Santa Niedzwiecki, Thomas Oldziejewski, Frank Poder, Edwin Rhinard, Cheryl Sands, Janet Shaw, Kenneth Spangenberg, Denise Wisser, William Woehrle; special education teachers Betty Walko, Anthony Wisnosky.

Lackawanna Trail

1. Matthew Rakauskas, superintendent, $93,500.

2. David Homish, business manager, $85,517.

3. John Rushefski, secondary principal, $84,000.

4. Joann Radicchi, special education supervisor, $82,323.

5. Janice Joyce, curriculum and instruction supervisor, $79,465.

6. Jeff Gregory, elementary principal, $78,629.

7-38. 32 people at $70,089: elementary teachers Kimberli Brown, Debra Curmaci, Susan Klimek, Patricia Kloss, James Kotz, Cheryl MacDade, Elaine Mercanti, Janeen Nieratko, Jane Pardue, Joyce Piedmont, Lois Renda, Debra Sachse; guidance counselor Ellen Frank; secondary teachers John Brander, Nancy Brown, Anthony Dalasio, Brenda Gibson, Stanley Harder, Joan Horwatt, Tom Parry, Harry Powell, John Richter, Jodi Rinehimer, Don Rupp, Curtis Sohns, Keith Youtz; special education teachers Dina Berrios, Donna Biglin, Leanora Chmil, Diane Smith, Sandra Spott, Lynn Stevenson.

Elk Lake

1. Kenneth Cuomo, secondary principal, $96,915.

2. Charles Pirone, elementary principal, $93,190.

3. Brian Mallery, middle school principal, $90,380.

4. William Bush, superintendent, $89,524.

5. Pamela Staats, special education supervisor, $88,055.

6. Alan Caines, assistant principal and physical education teacher, $75,050.

7. Robert Swartz, special education teacher, $69,700.

8-22. 15 people at $69,500: elementary teachers Laurie Woolcock, Laura McGeehan, Gloria Williams, Gayle Cobb, Valerie Morrison, Lynda Smith; secondary teachers John Morahan, Kimberly Dymond, Kathleen Host, Timothy Woolcock, Karen Krakosky, Holly Anderson, Michael Cutri; special education teachers Brenda McCauley, Ann Noldy.