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New owner of Seasons, Thor Foss, offers fine casual dining and weekday breakfast specials. From left, Foss, Codie Dawes and Dylan Dunn. STAFF PHOTO/MICHAEL WINTERMUTESeasonsCrew





Wyoming County Press Examiner

On the surface, the new restaurant in Tunkhannock looks the same as the old one.

Located between the Downtown Deli and the Bistro on Tioga Street, ‘Seasons’ is back, and the only thing that hasn’t changed is its name.

Owner Thorstein ‘Thor’ Foss said he ended up with the restaurant basically by chance.

“My wife is a wonderful baker, and when a tiny shop opened up the street, I went to see about using it as a bakery for her,” Foss said.

After a word with the landlord, Foss found himself with a fine dining restaurant and a lot of work to do.

Now, Foss and his wife Eugeniya are the proprietors of a fine dining restaurant that also functions as a great way for her to sell her baked goods.

When they began organizing plans for the restaurant, Foss realized he was rather inexperienced at running a restaurant.

In the 1980s, he worked as a computer software programmer for insurance companies and afterward, he taught life sciences and history in the Camden, N.J. school system.

In short, Foss needed a hand.

Luckily for him, the original owner of Seasons, Bruce Arrowood, agreed to help Foss get off to a good start.

“I was clueless as to running a restaurant,” Foss said. “Bruce is sticking around to help and he’s been wonderful.”

Chris Santucci, executive chef at the establishment, has a lengthy track record, despite being a young man.

Santucci graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, first in his class, with a culinary degree.

At 22, he became the executive chef at The Saber Room Restaurant in Wilkes Barre, where he honed his background in Italian and Asian cuisine, while adding new dishes from Lebanese and Greek traditions.

Seasons’ menu, which is essentially described as American cuisine, is a culmination of Santucci’s specialties as a chef.

“I created the menu from my years of experience,” Santucci said. “Besides people saying the food is incredible, people are saying the prices are very reasonable.”

Santucci serves one-of-a-kind soups every day as well as unique salads, like a grilled Romaine salad topped with grilled tomatoes, shrimp and bleu cheese.

Some dishes include the bruschetta or tomato capriccio appetizers or the chicken Milanese or shrimp del Rey.

According to Santucci, nothing is frozen and everything is made from scratch.

“We are using top of the line food,” Santucci said. “Nothing but the best.”

The restaurant also offers a weekday breakfast special of two eggs, ham or sausage, home fries or hash browns and toast for only $3.

Eugeniya Foss’s baked desserts stem from recipes passed down in her family in the Ukraine.

A quick visit to the ‘Seasons Restaurant Tunkhannock’ Facebook page shows the degree of baking Mrs. Foss produces.

For example, a post from the restaurant early last week read, “This week we present Zefir, also known as Russian Marshmallows, made from apple puree and buckwheat of honey. We also have ‘San Tropez’ (orange zest custard) éclairs or cream puff and strawberry-basil macarons.”

The gourmet desserts are a fitting touch to the casual, fine dining experience at the new Seasons.

Seasons is open seven days a week, with breakfast specials starting at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday. Dinner and supper menus are available seven days a week.

Thor and Eugeniya Foss live on the Foss family farm in Centermoreland, which he took over in 2004.